Cleaner Drives 4 U use professional cleaning equipment, insuring you that the job is done thoroughly.

The Titan

Machine Key Features:

Suitable for long duration cleaning tasks. This unit is capable of handling higher max temperatures and water flow rates. For the heavy duty industrial / professional user who wants a large head for rapid removal.

Max Temp 100ºC
Max Flow 1000 l/h
Max Pressure 400bar
Cleaning Width 500mm
Weight 4.2KG

Poseidon 5-67 PE Pressure Washer

Machine Key Features:

A high performance, user-friendly cold water machine, specifically designed for the professional user with heavier cleaning tasks in mind.

Turbo Pressure 230bar
Water Quantity 1150 l/h
Max Inlet Water Temp 70 ºC
Weight 68KG
L x W x H - 740 x 570 x 1015mm
13HP Honda petrol engine powered

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