You will be absolutely amazed by just how clean your driveway or paved area can look after professional pressure cleaning by Cleaner Drives 4 U. We take all debris with us, leaving the surface looking as good as new with no unsightly streaks.

Stage 1

If required, the area is treated with weed killer to eliminate any weed growths. This makes the cleaning process much easier and quicker.

Stage 2

The paved area will be thoroughly cleaned using our high pressure rotary cleaning equipment. This removes any weeds, plus general dirt and grime which may be present.

Stage 3

If the area is block paved, during cleaning some sand would have been removed from the joints surrounding the blocks, so pure kiln sand is then swept back into the joints to stabilise the paving from any lateral movement. As the area needs to be dry, we will return at a later date to complete this process.

Driveway Sealing

After cleaning and brushing in the sand, we can seal your drive using a transparent acrylic sealer in matt or gloss finish for concrete and block paving, which not only enhances its appearance but seals it to prevent stains and eliminate weed and grass growth. This application has the following benefits for patio and block paving:

✔  Inhibits weed, moss and algae.
✔  Prevents penetration of dirt, oil and fuel.
✔  Sets joint sand hard preventing sand loss.
✔  Enhances surface colour.
✔  Increases life span of drive.
✔  Protects from frost.
✔  Enhances curb appeal.

Having your driveway or patio sealed is a great way to keep them looking new for longer.

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Prices start from £100.

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